About Us

We are scenic designers who rethink the role of design in the shows placing it as a fundamental element in their concept and direction and not as the last gear, useful only to beautify the final product.

We create, together with the performers, events of the Design, since the shows exist from him and by him. It is the trigger for the interpreter, through external stimuli, to propose and carry out
His own choreography and appropriation of space.

Our history
CHOREOGRAPHER DESIGN  arises from our expressive concerns that, since 2010, have become more latent  that year where, thanks to the support of Young Creators, with the  Specialized Cartography project, where through the intervention of an architectural space with lighting elements a choreography is created.

Our first show, Solos, had its premiere at the Dance Hall of the NAUM (National Autonomus University of Mexico), in two different seasons and, The Garden show was selected in the call, Support for Public Development for the Performing Arts 2013-2014 within the Program México on Stage of the National Center of the Arts (Cenart) and received the invitation to participate in the Award for the Contemporary Scenic Creation 2106. Both shows have had performances at the Yucatán on Stage Festival , in the NAUM's Dance Hall. Solos has performed at the Dance Theatre during the ENTER season and at Un Teatro as part of the  Dance Thursday  schedule. It was also selected to be part of the program of the VIII Scenic Arts Encounter to be held in the CDMX on 2016 and for the programation of the System of Theaters  of Mexico City in 2017.

Recently this group collaborated making the visual design, in Covarrubias LAB, a project where the protagonist is the  Miguel Covarrubias Hall.

Working without a director or choreographer has confirmed us how the work of designers can have the same discursive and style strength as the first creatives mentioned, but if there is a clear production design and a rigorous logistics work by the hand of  mature, talented and purposeful creatives as  the dancers, musicians and designers involved are.
Thus, the spectator public is surprised by the freshness of the immediacy and the force of the creative exchange of powerful interpreters.

DIRECTOR, Carolina Jiménez. Stage designer and teacher graduated from the National School of Theatrical Art with nearly 20 years of experience. She has worked in over 120 performances, working as an light, set and or costume designer so as executive producer in Mexico and abroad. Her work has been exhibited in the World Stage Design and received, on the part of the FONCA, the support to Young Creators; The recognition of the Best Scenic Space in Jalisco and the Crystal Screen Festival award for Best Art Direction. She is currently directing the Choreographer Design project with presentations with NAUM and NFAI.